Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals have represented us in an extremely complex bankruptcy case since 2010. With the assistance of Jody Howe and her experienced team of paralegals, we are succeeding in our Chapter 13 case, are paying back a portion of our debt, and have attained a degree of financial stability. We were forced to file bankruptcy when we lost our home in the real estate and financial crisis, and the mortgage lender filed a lawsuit against us to attempt to collect a deficiency between what we owed on our home and what they were able to sell it for which was far less than what we owed. In addition, we have a large amount of medical debt for treatment of our child’s serious and chronic health condition and my husband’s recurring cancer. We are fortunate to earn a good monthly income which we’ve found is a complicating factor in a bankruptcy case, but our expenses, especially medical expenses, have been huge and unmanageable. Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals have been committed to helping us. They have done everything possible to help us accomplish whatever we have requested and required to enable us to succeed in our Chapter 13 case.

Anonymous at request of clients. Debbie, St. George, UT


The work Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals did for us changed our lives and enabled us to save our home. We were victims of the mortgage/financial crisis of 2008, and although our home appraised for only $258,000 at the time we filed bankruptcy, we owed $267,780 on the first mortgage and $131,102 on the second mortgage. We were seriously upside down on our home. Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals were successful in removing the $131,102 second mortgage on our home through our bankruptcy. If they had not removed the second mortgage, we would not have been able to keep our home. We have been able to successfully manage our finances following completion of our bankruptcy and believe this will continue in the foreseeable future. We would highly recommend Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals to assist in resolution of any financial difficulties you may be having.

SLC, Utah (Anonymous at request of clients.)


Jody Howe and her staff at Utah Bankruptcy Professionals took the time to carefully consider our options for our vehicle. It was about to be repossessed; but we desperately needed to keep it. Through Chapter 13, we were able to “cram down” the vehicle (pay what the vehicle is worth – $4,275, instead of what we owe – $6,650), reduce the interest rate to 3.25%, and reduce and consolidate all of our other debt. Our bankruptcy payment for all of this is less than half of our old car payment. We are ecstatic. We are truly appreciative of Jody Howe and her staff for helping us resolve this dilemma.

M. and S. McDonald, West Jordan, UT


The moment when I realized that I had to file bk was devastating due to overwhelming medical debt. By word of mouth I found Jody. I called and made an appointment to come see her and I was completely terrified! When I came in I was greeted by Jessica, she was so kind and caring I’m sure she knew how scared I was. She was great! I met with Jody feeling embarrassed and terrified at the thought of filing bk. Jody was simply amazing she was able to take her time and talk with me about everything and made it very clear and reassured me that filing bk was not the end of the world nor something to be ashamed of. At the end of my consultation I felt so much better knowing I had her full support and I had confidence she would literally make this process easy and painless. I met Crystal and again she was so kind and caring with me as well. My overall experience with my bk journey and with Jody and her staff was incredible! They all fully understand the fear and stress people have when faced with bk. They all went above and beyond with me and graciously took my millions of phone calls with questions and concerns. A million thanks to them all for helping me find a positive outcome on such a socially and personal difficult situation. I have recommended Jody to several people and I will continue doing that. Again thank you all for everything!



Prior to 2008, my wife and I had been successful and very fortunate in our financial affairs. I worked as a financial advisor for a large financial institution, and my wife was employed as a residential loan officer by a regional bank. Prior to this time we had made sound investments and built an impressive investment portfolio. Unfortunately, as was the case with so many other individuals and businesses in 2008, we suffered large loses, including the majority of our financial assets in the collapse of the economy and stock market. The market collapse had a huge negative impact on our financial wellbeing. In addition, at the same time we also experienced significant medical costs associated with health issues that my wife was experiencing. When all of this happened, we utilized credit cards to sustain ourselves and our family, believing that the economy would recover and we would be able to repay our credit card debt. Unfortunately, the economy was much slower to recover than we anticipated, and we were faced with the prospect of bankruptcy to resolve our financial problems. Bankruptcy was an option that we never dreamed we would need to consider.

At the time we consulted with Utah Bankruptcy Professionals, we had about $63,000 in credit card debt, and two older model vehicles, one of which we were financing. We were a little behind on our mortgage, and were upside down on our home about $40,000. We felt confident in Jody Howe and her staff at Utah Bankruptcy Professionals from the time of our first meeting and consultation. The firm’s senior chapter 13 paralegal, Anita Miller, was particularly helpful in analyzing and explaining our financial data to the Court. My compensation structure through my employer was extremely complicated and difficult to understand. With Anita’s extensive accounting background we were able to present our complete financial situation to the Chapter 13 Trustee and his staff in an understandable way. Through the bankruptcy process we were able to accomplish a lot. We were able to remove the $40,000 second mortgage from our home, eliminate almost all of our credit card debt, and catch up on our home mortgage.

The final task UBP performed for us a year later was to get Court permission to pay off our Chapter 13 Plan early which we were able to pay with funds generously gifted to us by my father. Since that time our financial situation has improved dramatically. Our current improved financial situation is due in part because of what we were able to accomplish through the bankruptcy process. Since then, we have been able to benefit from the improved economy, and have moved forward with increased confidence.



I was shocked to discover payments had not been applied to our home mortgage for almost a year (long story), and that our home was in foreclosure. I was in a complete state of panic. Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals filed bankruptcy for us within 24 hours of our initial consultation to eliminate the risk of losing our home in foreclosure. The bankruptcy filing bought us a little time to consider other options regarding our home; and Jody Howe and her staff assisted us in evaluating our options. We ultimately decided the home was too large and expensive for us. We were able to enter a very attractive lease situation where I can do work and remodeling for reduced rent. Utah Bankruptcy Professionals is assisting us in attempting to modify the mortgage on our home which we plan to retain as a rental. All of our remaining debt is being eliminated in bankruptcy and we are on track to build some financial security for our future. I would highly recommend Jody Howe and Utah Bankruptcy Professionals to assist anyone with financial problems and navigate the complex bankruptcy laws.

Steve and Debbie M., Salt Lake City


Jody Howe is amazing. She has helped me so much. My car was about to be repossessed and she helped me figure out how to save it. My mother was co-signed on my car loan, Jody explained to me that if the car was repossessed, the creditor would dump it for whatever they could get out of it at auction, and then sue me and my mother for a deficiency between what they sold it for and what we owed. Jody helped me file a Chapter 13 which enabled me to keep the car and protect both me and my mother. I am an aesthetician and am just starting my own business. Jody Howe filed my case without a retainer as I did not have the funds to pay one at that time, although I’m starting to make money now.

Chelsea L., SLC, UT

These client testimonials were selected for publication to demonstrate the types of financial problems presented to Utah Bankruptcy Professionals on a regular basis; and also to illustrate the skill of Utah Bankruptcy Professionals in assisting these clients in resolving the particular scenarios described.  Every case is different and we will evaluate your unique situation and apply appropriate bankruptcy law to similarly assist you to achieve a positive outcome if possible based on your financial situation and eligibility standards.

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