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Protecting Your Bank Information From Thieves

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It may sound silly or embarrassing, but some of our clients are people who are in need of a little extra cash due to some kind of dishonest practice by another person. One good example of this? Stolen bank pin numbers, which by themselves result in millions of dollars in thefts per year. Worse yet, if your pin number is easy to guess or infer based on your information, a thief who steals your wallet will likely be able to access your finds very easily. With that in mind, here are a few tips on the types of bank pin numbers to stay away from to avoid this sort of easy theft.


While your birthday is surely easy to remember, it’s also very easy for a thief to access if they steal your wallet. Your wallet will almost certainly contain identification or a driver’s license that lists your birthday, and if you have children, this information may be there also – so don’t use their birthday information as your pin either.

Personal Information

Down similar lines, you want to generally avoid using numbers related to any of your personal information when it comes to a bank pin. You never know what kind of access a thief has to your information. Avoid things like your Social Security number, your street or apartment number, digits in your phone number, your license plate, or any other personal information.

Two-Number Combos

Never use a four-number combo that only has two digits in it, such as 3434 or 6655. These are easier to rip off.

Repeating Numbers

In the same vein, avoid repeating numbers. Never use all four of the same digit, of course, and try not to repeat numbers next to each other.


Finally, totally avoid the dreaded 1234 combination. It’s the first thing most thieves will guess, and your privacy won’t hold up very long at all.

For more on protecting your finances, or to find out about our affordable title loans if you need some help, speak to the pros at Utah Bankruptcy today.